• Fusion of Arts and Traditions
    Our work is at the forefront of blending contemporary artistic

    expressions with timeless Islamic traditions. 

  • Broadening Cultural Accessibility
    We are dedicated to ensuring that the rich 

    heritage and arts of Islam are accessible to a global audience. 

  • Uniting Value-Driven People
    We bring together creative professionals, 

    scholars and enthusiasts who are deeply committed 

    to the values inherent in Islamic heritage.
  • Bridging Generations
    We focus on building connections between different generations  in the context of 

    Islamic heritage and arts. 

Our Projects

Explore our latest initiatives in creative cultural heritage

We believe in the importance of modernising ancient Islamic traditions while preserving their essence. We actively work to eliminate barriers and create opportunities for people from all backgrounds to engage with the profound and diverse cultural expressions of Islamic heritage.


We aim to inspire a deeper appreciation and understanding of the rich cultural and artistic traditions of Islam among a diverse global audience.

Our work showcases the relevance of Islamic arts and sciences in the contemporary world, breathing new life into these traditions through film production, exhibitions, performances, digital platforms, publications, and creative-research collaborations.



Bukhari Creative Group promotes and celebrates Islamic heritage and its contributions to global culture, encouraging meaningful cross-cultural dialogues that highlight the interconnectedness of Islamic arts and sciences with other cultures and civilizations. Our approach is based on in-depth research, fostering greater understanding and appreciation, and on doing this via international creative projects. 



We aspire to create powerful and engaging experiences that showcase the beauty and complexity of Islamic heritage, acknowledging and appreciating our cultural and spiritual identities.


The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Wealth is not in having many possessions. Rather, true wealth is the richness of the soul.”
Source: Sahih al-Bukhari 6446

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We curate captivating exhibitions that showcase the rich tapestry of Islamic art and the intellectual legacies of Central Asian luminaries, offering a visual and educational exploration of their profound contributions.


We capture the essence of Central Asian Islamic heritage through the lens, bringing the great minds and artistic treasures of the region to life on screen, making their stories accessible to a global audience.


Research and Creative Collaborations

We facilitate collaborative efforts that bridge the worlds of research and artistic expression, allowing great minds of Central Asia to continue influencing contemporary culture.


We take pride in crafting books and other publications that serve as a source of knowledge and inspiration, shedding light on the stories and enduring influence of Central Asian luminaries in the realm of Islamic art and heritage

Creative Performances

We stage performances that showcase the artistry and intellectual depth of Central Asian heritage, providing an immersive experience that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Digital Commissions

Through digital commissions, we breathe new life into the artistic and intellectual traditions of Central Asia, telling the stories, and promoting and connecting Central Asian artists with cultural collaborators all over the world.


Introducing ourselves
All the people who work for us are passionate about historical and cultural legacy. Our teams are made up of people who come from different cultural backgrounds, as the great Silk Roads themselves were.
Sevara Ibrokhim

Sevara Ibrokhim

CEO, Founder of Bukhari Creative Group and Dacore IT UK
Guzal Khamida-Kamol

Guzal Khamida-Kamol

International Programmes Director
Dr. Shovosil Ziyodov

Dr. Shovosil Ziyodov

Director of the Imam Bukhari International Centre for Scientific Research
Azizbek Murtazayev

Azizbek Murtazayev

President of the World Crafts Council for the APR



At Bukhari Creative Group, we continuously strive to innovate and develop unique methodologies to enhance our projects' impact. We employ a multidisciplinary approach, combining academic research, artistic creativity and technological advances, to create engaging and immersive experiences. The results of our projects include increased awareness, enhanced cultural appreciation and a deeper understanding of Islamic heritage and arts among our target audiences.

In all our projects, we capture the essence of them through multimedia content. We showcase a collection of captivating images, engaging videos, and other visual elements that bring our projects to life. These multimedia materials allow audiences to immerse themselves in the beauty and significance of Islamic cultural expressions.

Explore our Projects section to discover the diversity and richness of our endeavours. We aim to inspire and educate, and to foster cross-cultural understanding, celebrating the enduring legacy of Islamic heritage and arts.